Shout out 2: Greg Bombara

Shout out to the Chinese government for flexing it’s military muscle in the Taiwan Strait following the election of the first female president of Taiwan. Shortly after Taiwan held their elections the Chinese Navy began military exercises most likely to spread fear and show power projection in the area. China still considers Taiwan as an integral part of it’s territory and has proclaimed in the past that they will do anything, including use military force, to take back Taiwan. Furthermore, as we talked about in class the Chinese government seems to be going after President Tsai Ing-Wen for allegedly being Lesbian.This persecution does not seem likely to be slowing down anytime soon and her facebook page has been filled up with hostile messages that the Chinese state media has called an “online crusade”. While China has always threatened to take back Taiwan these most recent actions are quite thought-provoking as to what future actions they will take or if they are following their normal smoke blowing tendencies.



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