Shout Out 2: Michael Ogburn

Shout out to China’s recent expulsion of Swedish human-rights activist Peter J. Dahlin. This man had worked in Beijing founding the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group, which aimed to support lawyers and activists who worked to expose violations of people’s legal and human rights. As he was attempting to fly out of China to Thailand, he was detained in early January, and he was just today released and banned from China. His punishment, forced speech, and banishment sheds more light on China’s recent crackdown on human rights activists and journalists since July 2015. As the numbers of activists grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Chinese government to detain all of those who protest for their human rights. This speaks to the idea that something must change with regards to the treatment of China’s citizens by the government quickly, or the number of activists will simply continue to rise until this number is entirely out of the Party’s control. This, of course, would be catastrophic to the ‘ruling power’ of the Party.

Source: China to Expel Swedish Human Rights Advocate


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