Shout Out 2: Matt Alexander

A shout out to the BBC and their article “China releases Swedish rights activist Peter Dahlin”. It was published earlier today and informed me about the  recent release of one of 280 human rights activists/lawyers who were imprisoned by the government over the last year. I thought this article was both an interesting and significant glance into the serious issue of the Chinese government detaining lawyers and what the process looks like. The article showed the process that we touched on in class that these detainees have to go through, and in Dahlin’s case he had to confess on television that he was “clearly violating the law” in China and that he was sorry before he was aloud to be released. It was said that, “the confession appeared to be forced” which came as no surprise to me. Following this the article had an analysis section written by John Sudworth which had some very significant points to add about the political climate that may have caused or at least expedited Dahlin’s release.

As I said, I found this article to be both interesting and significant to what we have been mentioning in class. It is very current and it proves that this issue is very much an ongoing one and one that needs to be addressed. I would recommend reading it yourself to get a more clear picture of what the Chinese government is doing to try to suppress human rights lawyers.

China releases Swedish rights activist Peter Dahlin


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