Progress report: Greg Bombara

Through out the first three weeks of class we have learned many meaningful things that have completely changed my perspective not only on Religion in China, but on China as a whole. Starting with the question of “How much of China does Beijing control?” to trying to understand the relationship between religion and resistance my perspective has been altered. I always thought of the Chinese government as controlling their citizens with and iron fist and having the ability to carry out whatever decrees they saw fit. However, in reality this is not true. Also I believe it is very important to understand how the Chinese Government seems to be digging their own grave in the sense that every time they further their persecution of religion it strengthens the resolve of those practicing religion as well as leads to a growth in the religious population. The Chinese government does not seem to understand that China is a very spiritual place, it always has been and most likely always will be. The traditions that are carried out in villages and households transcend all time and connect one generation to the next. Therefore, I do not believe that the Chinese Government will ever be able to truly rid the country of all religion.


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