Progress Report: Matt Alexander

It has only been three weeks into our investigation into China and their religion and I can say that I have learned so much already. It is actually almost overwhelming at times how much information I am taking in but I am happy to do it because of how fascinating China and their society is. I will be the first to admit that I knew almost nothing about China going into this class and was completely ignorant to the very complex and religious society that they have. I did not know how deeply religious China was and the tension that is created between religious groups and the Chinese government. I never kept up with news in China other than occasionally checking on how the market was doing there, but now I am fascinated and read articles as they come out about religious repression. As I said in my introduction, I am very interested in human rights and religious freedom and it seems to me from all that we have read so far that the Chinese government seems to be constantly violating these rights. I look forward to learning and reading more about religion in China because like I said, everything is new to me. So in that sense I have progressed a great deal in my education on China and I hope to continue to do so.


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