Shout Out 3: Michael Ogburn

I’ve also had some trouble uploading the audio file, but here’s the transcript:

“I’m giving this week’s Shout Out to Yangming, a man who was wrongly accused of homicide in 1995. He was just released recently from jail after 20 years and given about 2 million RMB for compensation of his 20 years in prison. This just speaks more to the idea that the Party should do more to consider and protect its people’s well-being rather than simply jumping the gun on the easy-decision. Surely, an act like this from the government can only cause more unrest in the people who want their stories of injustice heard just as Yangming’s is being heard now. It won’t be surprising to see and hear more stories like this unfold.”

Man Wrongly Jailed For 20 Years Finally Released


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