Week 4 Shout-Out

I’d like to give a shout-out this week to Islam in the Ningxia and Gansu regions in China. Although throughout most of China it can be difficult to be a practicing Muslim, in these areas, Islam has flourished. The New York Times states that this is largely due to the fact that “their loyalty to the Communist Party has been well rewarded.” Here, many officials are devout, practicing Muslims and this offers a “lighter touch” to any sort of religious crackdown Muslim Chinese might expect. Further, the party seems to be using this religious tolerance to further trade endeavors with the areas, developing Muslim products and Muslim real estate. While this sort of tolerance may seem like a step in the right direction for China, in my opinion, it is a calculated move by the party and tolerance means nothing and will never be defended properly unless it is in place for the right reasons.

Jacobs, Andrew. New York Times. “Wuzhong Journal.” 2/02/2016. Print


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