Shout Out – Jessica Linton

This week I read an article on how the American presidential primaries are being covered in the Chinese media. Rather than focusing on the actual information coming from the candidates, Chinese media focuses on the shortcomings of the American political system and the petty details such as personal wealth of the candidates and other scandals that may occur during the process. This is to deteriorate any positive views of the dual-party system in America. Even petty details such as the election being held on a Tuesday was attacked by the Party.

This is relevant to what we’ve been discussing in class because this censorship of the media is yet another way the Party controls how the people of China think. It is true that we also receive these petty details in America, but they are in the middle of actually important details about the election. By only presenting the trivial scandals and such, the people of China can really only have a negative view of the American political system.


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