Shout Out – Michael Ogburn

This week’s shout out goes to the idea that Google might somehow be legalized as a search engine in China. Although the idea of searching the internet through Google might be the ideal, I, personally, do not see this happening any time in the near future, as this would cause the government to give up some control, and currently, and probably in the future, the government will choose to hold onto whatever control they have. It is harder to censor and monitor a search engine which is not based in China, so, unless Google creates a second, China-based-version of their search engine. This simply will not happen in the future. Aside from this, Google’s other inventions, apps, and the like may have more of a chance because China can surely control what is sold and bought by the company. Regardless, the marketing and selling of these goods will still be controlled by the Party, and this then is why it will be allowed. For Google to have any stake in the Chinese market, they will have to play into the Party’s game of control.


Source: What does Google’s return to the Mainland mean for China’s Internet?


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