Week 6 Progress Report

At the end of week 6, a few new ideas have stuck with me from the readings and class discussion. As we continue to look into how the government pushes against organized religion it becomes more clear that religion always pushes back. Specifically we have talked about religio-genisis, using the very current example of Falun Gong. I have found it very significant to look into how Falun Gong has transformed naturally and from outside pressure from the government. As it grew stronger and gained more and more support from all walks of life in China, the party began to feel the pressure and tried to repress Falun Gong. This caused a change in the peaceful relationship Falun Gong had with the government to labeling it as one of the greatest evils. Going as far as to say that one could never reach salvation through its teachings if he was a part of the communist party. I think this is very significant because it demonstrates how lashing out against religion out of fear never has the effect the government wants. In fact, it turned a seemingly harmless and neutral group in Falun Gong into one that very outwardly defies the party. Looking into Falun Gong more will provide a better look into the constant struggle between religion and government trying its best to control it.


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