Week 6 Shout Out

Shout out to Epoch times for their article, “Triad Boss-Turned-Christian Beaten to Death in Chinese Prison for Hidden Bible, Says Asylee”. This was a very interesting read that talked about how a converted Christian was allegedly beaten to death by 6 guards for having a bible. According to the sources Huang, the converted Christian, was found to have a bible in his personal items and the guards ordered for him to turn it in. When he refused eight guards beat him unconscious and he later died. Having a bible is forbidden by the prison but obviously that does not justify this if it is in fact true.

I believe this article to be worth reading because it demonstrates the growing tension between religion and government authority. It is only one case and we of course do not have all of the facts, but we do know that a government run organization such as a prison beating someone to death over having a bible highlights serious tension. The article ends with a quote from Li Jiangeng that warns those persecuted for their beliefs “to simply ignore official propaganda rather than to give it an audience.” It is an interesting idea and I hope to look into how the reaction that religions have to incidents like this and the propaganda that follows. I will add the link below, the article is worth a read.

Epoch Times Article



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