Week 7 Shout Out: Michael Ogburn

Shout out to the Party’s never-ending persecution of those who may sell ‘banned’ books in a fruitless effort to continue censoring their people’s ideas. What’s more to say is that these 5 arrested booksellers were from Hong Kong and were thought to be missing for the past months until finally being able to appear on TV to ‘apologize’ for their wrongdoings. Only after describing their understandings of these wrongdoings as to why selling these ‘fabricated’ books of ‘libel’ are they finally able to redeem themselves. As these ‘banned’ books bring “a bad influence on society”, the people selling these books must also, of course, be punished for selling them. This continued ineffective censorship of the people will only lead to more mistrust for the Party and further ‘small rebellions’ of this sort in the future.

Source: Missing Hong Kong booksellers paraded on Chinese TV


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