Week 7 Shout Out

This weeks shout out goes to the Epoch Times for the article titled, “Chinese Rights Lawyer, Missing for 6 Months, Suddenly Makes Publicized Confession.” This article follows Zhang Kai and how he was put under criminal detention in August 26th and as of yesterday he was seen giving a forced confession on a party media outlet. Zhang was another defense lawyer who defended Christians in China in the area where the local authorities were taking down crosses. I mentioned the crosses being taken down in an earlier shout out and seeing this story continue to play out was very interesting to me. The fact that the party is still forcing confessions is scary to me, and the article points out that it is reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution. The government should be upholding the constitution and I agree that “It’s practically criminal to publicly humiliate people by forcing them to make televised confessions on state-controlled media before a proper trial.” The Chinese government continuing to lock up human rights lawyers and forcing confessions worries me and it is something I will continue to look into it.

Epoch Times Article


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