Round-Up, Week 9

After nine weeks of our investigation, we have seen many different examples of practices that have helped us to understand the Chinese treatment of religion, rather than specifically studying those religions themselves. We continue to examine the idea that practice is what is important for defining religion in China, not belief. This hypothesis is especially relevant because one major goal of the Chinese people seems to be to classify just about everything, whether that classification is accurate or not. Thus, if you do not fall into one of their accepted classifications (such as a Falun Gong practitioner) you are subject to brutal persecution and even organ harvesting and death. This class has provided a completely different perspective on China which diminishes my opinion of the current state of the country on a daily basis. While I do not define a country by its government, rather by the character of its people, the Chinese system disgusts me, and I feel that it is rooted in evil and sits on a “throne of lies.”



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