Progress Report: Week 9

After 9 weeks of studying we have rounded out our look into Chinese religion and started to look into early Christianity. Religion and the government’s treatment of religion in China never ceased to amaze me over the time that we covered it. Over the history that we have studied and up until today with Falun Gong we have seen varying levels of government fear and control of religion. These religions have had a transformative effect on the government and the every part of people’s lives despite the best efforts of Chinese officials. This transformative effect is already becoming clear from what we have read of early Christianity and the cult of Saints. This cult was able to transform the way the people thought and lived, making what was considered taboo into a focal point of everyday life. Burying the dead and the rites that come with it was a new idea and it changed the way entire cities were laid out. Rituals to the dead is by no means new to what we have learned in this class and there are many parallels that can be drawn to Chinese religion. Moving forward I would like to remain attentive to these connections that can be made with the new material.


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