Shout Out

My shout out this week goes to the Chinese government this week for only briefly detaining a human rights lawyer this time. The BBC came out with an article titled “China briefly detains rights lawyer Ge Yongzi over Panama Papers post” which again sums it up. Ge Yongzi posted a picture photoshopped with prominent Chinese leaders put in the Panama canal. Personally I think that is a hilarious idea for a picture and even funnier (in a  somewhat darker way) that the government would be so offended by it to arrest him for it. I think that this is significant because it seems that the government was feeling some pressure to release Yongzi considering he was only detained for a couple of hours. I know it is a long shot and it is likely that the government is only releasing him early because the crime was only “insulting others” but I like to think that it is possible the government in China will stop detaining people quite so often. There has been some international push-back on this and hopefully China is starting to sweat a little bit.

BBC Article


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