Week 12 Round Up

Twelve weeks have gone by already and we have made it through all of the readings for the course. We have touched on so much in the course, and even though we aren’t all of the way through I think it is only right to think about some of the main themes that we have seen so far in the course that grabbed my attention. We saw through a number of readings how society reacts to new religions and how they get started. I found it both interesting and significant how magic plays a role in religiogenisis. This happens due to magic being a form of social action, and how something transformative and physical is really happening there. This social action, where something physical and of substance is happening, is very powerful and gets religions started. Falun Gong and the Cult of the Saints both shared this. Li Hongzhi in his lectures and through sharing his message was able to heal people and make people feel as though they were really better. No matter what that was coming from, it was really happening and documented and this was a driving force in the spread of Falun Gong. We saw this throughout in Cult of the Saints and how performances at the sites of graves had a lasting effect on people. As we move and begin to look deeper into Falun Gong for our final video, I want to keep the larger themes of the class in mind. So much of the class has been able to connect and hopefully as a group we can bring it all together.


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